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Dr. Aldo Ronci

Dr. Ronci’s lifelong passion for dentistry and people are combined to make each dental visit unique, and centered around the comfort and care of his patients. His endless pursuit of perfection, and passion for creating art is clearly seen in his dentistry. He always strives to provide patients with the highest quality care and is willing to take his time to ensure they get the best possible outcomes
Dr. Ronci’s gentle techniques are centered around his patients’ comfort and care. His honest philosophy and conservative approach makes him stand out in the dental industry. Dr. Ronci has completed hundreds of hours of continued education as he is committed to incorporating state of the art technology and using cutting edge techniques in order to provide consistently, beautiful results .
Our practice philosophy focuses on preserving teeth for as long as possible. We accomplish this goal by using minimally invasive techniques and adhesive restorations that “mimic” natural tooth structure as closely as possible. Using these techniques and materials gives teeth a better chance of avoiding having to receive more invasive dental procedures, such as root canals and/or tooth loss.
Outside of dentistry, Dr. Ronci enjoys going on long hikes with his dog, and loves to read books on nutrition, philosophy and economics. His favorite author is Alain de Botton.
Meet Dr. Kevin Chang
Dr. Kevin Chang earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of the Pacific and completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at New York University College of Dentistry. Following his graduation, Dr. Kevin dedicated himself to serving an under-privileged community in New Mexico, focusing on providing crucial medical and dental care to patients who had long suffered from neglect. This experience deeply shaped his commitment to aiding those most in need. 
He furthered his expertise through an internship at Korea University’s Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, where he treated a diverse range of outpatients. His cases varied from traumatic injuries requiring extensive physical therapy to complex surgical extractions, particularly of third molars. Additionally, Dr. Kevin has devoted over 400 hours to Continuing Education within the past year, staying updated with the latest advancements in his field.
 Upon relocating to Austin, Dr. Kevin discovered the realm of Biological Dentistry. His focus shifted towards providing highly personalized and safe dental care, emphasizing the use of bio-compatible dental materials. He presently holds accreditation as a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and is certified in SMART Heavy Metal Removal. 
Fluent in Korean and proficient in Mandarin, Dr. Kevin also enjoys activities like running, playing golf, and spending time with his friends’ dogs. On weekends, you’ll often find him either enjoying leisurely walks with furry companions or immersed in the excitement of Formula 1 races..


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Our caring team is comprised of some of the most talented and friendly individuals in the dental world. Every person in our staff plays an incredibly important roll in helping us give you the best care in the industry, we’re proud to call our friends below our West Lake Hills Dental team.

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Joy B_West Lake Hills Dental_Austin Texas TX

Joy B

“Smiling is…an awesome way to improve how you feel and the mood of others around you. We can show love to each other with just a smile, how powerful is that?”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

“Quality time with my husband and two girls, Sophia and Olivia. I smile when I am lucky enough to witness light bulb moments our girls make. It is so cool to watch them learn and grow, we are so lucky to have them.”

Interesting Facts
  • I am #5 of 7 kid, growing up as loud and chaotic but always so much fun!
  • I moved to Brazil as a baby at 6 months and lived there until I was 8 years old.  My fondest memories are of the beach!  The beach is my happy place
  • I ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track all 4 years at Texas State.  We won 5 championship rings “Eat’em up cats!”
  • I can speak Spanish and Portuguese
  • Scaring my husband really makes me laugh!  He is so jumpy and it is so easy.
  • My favorite vacation is our annual ski trip to Red River, New Mexico for Christmas.  I love skiing with our girls and spending time with family
  • My favorite meal is bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • I love the movie Sandlot

Denise V - West Lake Hills Dental Austin Texas TX

Denise V

“Smiling is…a source of happiness. It heals the soul.”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

“Family Day” spent with my husband, and daughter. Simple pleasures that make my daughter smile with excitement, like blowing bubbles, singing/dancing, and all of her milestones make me smile.

Interesting Facts
  • My grandfather and my husband’s grandfather were friends in their younger days. We didn’t learn of this until our engagement party.
  • In 2007, I had an itch to run a 5K when I’ve never run more than a mile. After that, I wanted to see if I could run a 10K. I did. Then after that, I ran a half marathon. I’ve run 4 half marathons to date.
  • My husband is a huge Star Wars fan
  • I collect vinyl records
  • I enjoy watching college football. Hook ‘Em Horns
  • My husband and I were married 14 years before starting a family. Now we have our greatest gift, our daughter
  • Our favorite place to vacation is Disney World
  •  My favorite book is “Pig Kahuna” by Jennifer Sattler. It’s my daughter’s favorite book. I get to make silly facial expressions and use my silly voice. I get priceless moments of smiles, giggles, and hugs.

Amy C_West Lake Hills Dental_Austin Texas TX

Amy C

“Smiling is…Happiness. It is the reflection of a happy soul.”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

There is nothing better than to come home and be greeted with a big hug and hearing my favorite word…Mama. I love my husband who makes taking care of his family a priority and my 2 year old daughter Allie.

Interesting Facts
  • My passions are working out, hiking, yoga, or doing anything to stay active.
  • I graduated 2nd in my dental hygiene class and was inducted into the dental hygiene honor society.
  • Once my daughter was born, it sparked a passion in me for my family to eat a healthier, organic diet.
  • I love to travel. My favorite places, so far, are St. John’s and Maui.
  • My mother was also in the dental field and inspired me to follow in her footsteps.
  • On a perfect day you could find me outside basking in the sun on the lake or by the pool with family and friends while listening to great music.

Rebecca C_West Lake Hills Dental_Austin Texas TX

Rebecca C
Dental Assistant

“Smiling is…looking on the bright side each and every day. When you give away a smile.”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

My family, work, and friends. Seeing my
garden grow. Being silly and a good joke.

Interesting Facts
  • I am left handed – great for dental assisting
  • I live in a beautiful camping park – Krause Springs
  • I can cook anything in a cast iron skillet
  • I have never seen snow!
  • I love to travel in my small R-pod camper-trailer
  • Out of 7 kids, I am the only true blond. Guess my mom ran out of color
  • Proudest accomplishment is raising my 2 girls
  • I enjoy gardening, plants, and swimming in my pool

Cynthia F_West Lake Hills Dental_Austin Texas TX

Cynthia F
Front Office

“Smiling is…my favorite exercise!”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

Chocolate! Watching my boys and husband
having dad/son time always brings a smile to my face. I am so lucky to have them in my
life. Hearing my boys laugh is contagious.

Interesting Facts
  • I love to bake and can make Cake Pops.
  • I love to listen to music and go to concerts.
  • Bruno Mars is my favorite musician. My go-to Karaoke song is his 24k magic
  • My favorite band as a teenager was *NSYNC
  • My childhood nickname was Smurf, because I am short
  • I am an only child
  • My favorite zoo animal are Monkeys because they are hilarious
  • I collect souvenir spoons from different places
  • I love sushi and Chick-fil-A is always on point
  • The great gift I’ve been given are my 2 wonderful boys

Lei L - West Lake Hills Dental Austin Texas TX

Lei L
Front Office

“Smiling is…infectious. Savor the smiles and laughter of your children, there is nothing more important.”

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What makes you Happy, Smile, and Laugh?

Doing something worthwhile…to give of myself, forgive others and live with Thanksgiving. Life is about giving, not getting. To lie down at night and know I did my best to be kind to someone, to have compassion to let them know they are not alone, to make them smile and to know I made a difference.

Interesting Facts
  • My favorite subject in school was art. I wanted to be an artist
  • My first job was at an exclusive men’s hair salon – Barker & Kelly
  • A favorite holiday tradition is Tamales on Christmas morning
  • I love to read. I read about 1-2 books a week
  • I never learned to swim, even though I grew up on the coast
  • I love all types of needlework and always nave a project going
  • My first date (my husband) was at the age of 20…he proposed a month later. We’ve been married 45 years!


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