Porcelain Crowns

A dental crown can strengthen a tooth that has a significant amount of damage from decay or trauma. Dental crowns are caps that are created to fit snugly upon a patient’s reduced natural teeth. We can match your crown to the color of your adjacent natural teeth, so they are indistinguishable in your smile. Most of the crowns we provide are made from porcelain, although we have the option to use gold and zirconia when we feel it is the better option.

procelain bridges

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain bridges comprise two or more crowns fused together as single-piece prostheses. They replace missing teeth and restore a patient’s chewing and oral functions. Traditional bridges “float” where missing teeth once were, supported on either side by your remaining natural teeth that have been fitted with specialized crowns. We can also create implant-supported bridges that affix to dental implants. Implant support removes strain on natural teeth and provides unmatched stability and function. Let us help you determine what type of bridge is best for you!

porcelain inlays and onlays

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

Porcelain inlays and onlays, also known as indirect fillings, are pre-formed fillings made from tooth-colored material. Whether you receive an inlay or an onlay depends upon the amount of tooth structure you have lost due to a cavity or trauma. An inlay fits within the grooves of your teeth between its cusps, while an onlay generally replaces the cusps, or highest points, of your teeth as well. Both of these restorations fit snugly within your tooth, where they are bonded in place. Because we use tooth-colored materials, your inlays and onlays look seamless within your smile.

tooth filling

Tooth-Colored Fillings

A dental filling replaces tooth structure that has been removed because of decay. Traditionally, many dental fillings were made from silver amalgam, a type of metal. Today these composite tooth-colored fillings are more common because of their exceptional durability and customizable colors that blend with your natural teeth.

tooth dentures


Dentures are single-piece prostheses that restore a patient’s full upper or lower arch of teeth following tooth loss or removal. We use high-quality materials to craft dentures to the size, shape, and color that looks best for your smile. Dentures not only restore the look of your smile; they restore its function. Whether you select implant-supported or traditional dentures, you will be able to eat and speak with more confidence.


Occlusal Splints/ Night Guards

If you often wake up with jaw pain, earaches, or headaches, or if you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth, you may have a common condition called “bruxism.” Many people do not even know that they grind their teeth, as if often occurs when one is sleeping. If not corrected, brusxim can lead to broken teeth, cracked teeth, ro even tooth loss. There is an easy, non-invasive treatment for brusixm – nightguards. Nightguards are custom-made and fit over your teeth in the top arch and prevents contact with the opposing teeth.

full mouth reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction restores your smile after you have endured significant decay or trauma causing the loss of several or all of your teeth. We can create a full mouth reconstruction plan that works within your unique schedule and budget. Your plan may include the use of dental implants, bridges, crowns, or full-arch dentures, depending upon your needs. We will utilize the most conservative treatments available to address your needs and create the look you want.