Protect Your Health With Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common, but it often
receives less attention compared to other forms of cancer, such as
breast and lung cancer. This lack of awareness can result in
delayed diagnoses and more advanced stages of the disease,
making it more dangerous. At West Lake Hills Dental, we aim to
catch oral cancer early through oral cancer screenings.

Convenient Oral Cancer Screening
During your routine cleaning appointments at West Lake Hills
Dental we can quickly and easily perform an oral cancer screening.
We’ll examine the tissues in your mouth for any abnormal
textures, spots or discoloration. Regular screenings are important
for everyone, but particularly for those with risk factors such as
smoking, tobacco use, a history of oral cancer, alcohol
consumption, and age.

Take Charge of Your Health at West Lake Hills Dental
Oral cancer screenings have been proven to significantly increase
survival rates to 80% and above. Schedule your next dental exam
with us by calling (512) 327-6908 or sending an email, and Dr.
Ronci will screen you for oral cancer while maintaining your great
oral health.