Holistic Dentistry

At West Lake Hills Dental, we understand the importance of being mindful about the
substances you put in or on your body, including dental treatments. Our holistic
approach to dental care takes into account your overall health and well-being.

Dr. Ronci is committed to providing dental care that aligns with your health values and
supports a holistic lifestyle. This is why we offer sanitary amalgam removal, a process
that protects you from exposure to mercury during the removal of metal fillings. Our
high-volume suction traps amalgam particles, ensuring that you don’t swallow any bits
of the ground filling and that the treatment area is well-ventilated.

For those who need a new filling or want to replace an amalgam restoration, we offer
tooth-colored composite or ceramic restorations as the best holistic options. These
restorations are metal-free and offer numerous benefits to your dental health, including no adverse reactions, a tight seal that lowers the risk of recurrent decay, and being gentler on your teeth compared to metal amalgam.

At West Lake Hills Dental, all of the crowns and fillings are metal-free, making it easy for you to achieve a healthy, radiant smile. Whether you have a sensitivity to metal or
simply prefer a more holistic approach to dentistry, Dr. Ronci is here to help.