Study Discovers Supplementing with Vitamin K2 May Improve Periodontal Health in Individuals with Gum Disease

There are millions of individuals suffering from gum disease worldwide. If left
unchecked, it can result in tooth loss because it can inflame, bleed, and hurt the gums.
Gum disease can be prevented and managed with the help of good oral hygiene
practices like brushing and flossing, but some individuals might require additional

A recent meta-analysis showed that vitamin K2 supplementation might be
advantageous for people with gum disease, and it was published in the Journal of
Clinical Periodontology in 2017. The research assessed the outcomes of six randomized
controlled trials involving 333 participants who were given vitamin K2 supplements or a
placebo at random.

In comparison to the placebo group, the study’s participants who consumed vitamin K2
had significantly better periodontal health. In particular, bleeding on probing and
decreased pocket depth (a measurement of the depth of the space between the gum
and the teeth) were linked to vitamin K2 supplementation (a sign of inflammation).

What is vitamin K2 and how does it function, then? The stimulation of proteins involved
in bone metabolism is facilitated by vitamin K2, a fat-soluble vitamin. Additionally, it
aids in preventing calcium deposits from accumulating in the vessels, which can worsen
cardiovascular disease.

Despite the fact that this study’s findings are encouraging, it’s essential to remember
that it only represents one piece of evidence. The results need to be confirmed by
additional study in order to establish the ideal vitamin K2 dosage and duration for
people with gum disease. Before changing your oral hygiene routine or taking any
supplements, it is always advised to speak with a dental expert.

The results of this meta-analysis indicate that supplementing with vitamin K2 may be a
helpful addition to an all-encompassing strategy for treating gum disease. Individuals
may be able to enhance their periodontal health and keep their overall oral health for
years to come by combining good oral hygiene practices with appropriate professional
care and, in some instances, vitamin K2 supplementation.

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